In choosing smart phone covers, like an iPhone 5 case for example, does not require a lot of brain power – it just needs a little bit of logic and you just have to know your preferences. This year, 2013, marked the release of a number of smart phones which are probably the best batch compared to the ones in previous years. A number of improvements and innovations were introduced, paving the way for more enhanced use and a higher standard of user-friendliness. Among the early releases this year are the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is probably on top this year, along with the HTC One and BlackBerry Q10.

Apple Inc meanwhile is set to release the iOS 7, their own mobile operating system and the iPhone 5s later this year (so get an iPhone 5 case now!). Although the features are the same with the previous model, the iPhone 5, it promises to have a number of improvements and upgrades at a much cheaper price. Along with the aluminum shell, Apple announced that there will be plastic models that are reasonably priced at a cheaper rate. The sizes and dimensions are identical to the previous model, which makes it an imperative to avail of an iPhone 5 case. If you are having a bit of trouble choosing which to avail, here are some of the cases that you may want to have.

Griffin Survivor

Griffin Survivor

Smart phones are pretty much vulnerable to the perennial problem of scratches and bumps, which makes it a must to have an iPhone 5 case now. The mobile accessory manufacturer Griffin, known as one of the companies that are prioritizing protection over anything else, has created the Survivor case which makes protection sound easy to avail. Well, for starters, the Survivor fits the standards set by the United States Department of Defense. Its polycarbonate shell is able to deflect all forms of shocks and brute impacts while the shock absorbing silicone prevents any of the force from pushing through. The case also comes with a built-in screen protector. Overall it is one of the best protective cases out there and it does not hinder functionality since it gives access to the phone’s ports and other utilities.

Incipio DualPro Shine

Dual Pro

If you are looking to possess a case that provides both protection and functionality and serves as an aesthetic enhancement, then the DualPro Shine by Incipio is for you. Thanks to its hard polycarbonate shell, it is able to prevent superficial damage and help out in preventing major damage during extreme situations. Like the Survivor, it does not sacrifice functionality as well, given the fact that it does not hinder access to ports and other utilities found on the smart phone’s exterior. Its selling quality however, is its aluminum finish which makes it shine and stand out. It provides protection and style at the same time, making it a must-have for iPhone 5 users.

The above mentioned cases are just two of the multitude of iPhone 5 cases available in the market. Remember; always choose ones that provide protection without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality!



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