Looking to possibly own some Nokia Lumia 920 accessories? Seek no more as this article will tackle things that you need to know about your smartphone and its accessories!

The Lumia 920 is a smart phone released by Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia. It is backed up the slogan “The World's Most Innovative Smartphone.” It was released in November 2, 2012 and is run by the Windows 8 OS with a It has a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Krait CPU. It was preceded by the equally innovative Lumia 900. It is equipped with an 8.7 megapixel camera, 32gb of internal storage (no memory card and memory card slot). It is protected by a polycarbonate shell with either glossy or matte finishes. Some available colors include glossy yellow, red and white and matte black, gray and cyan. Another version of the Lumia 920 is the is Lumia 925, a lighter and thinner version of the product with an aluminum body. The phone has unique features such as wireless charging,, a Carl Zeiss camera with Pureview technology and Optical image stabilization. It is considered by pundits to be a must-have phone for photography and music lovers.

Cases or Covers. Phone cases are pretty much a must have accessory for every cellphone – this case (no pun intended) is no different. Phone cases give protection, enhance appearance and provide practical factors. Having one covering your phone reduces the risks of sustaining damage like scratches and dents and may be able to prevent severe software damage in extreme situations. Several Lumia 920 case manufacturers include:

G-Zed Mobile which created a sleek, black cover made from Thermoplastic Urethanes, a type of rubber-like plastic resistant to scratches, grease and moisture.

Incipio which made the Lumia Feather cases that are available in several colors like black, pink and blue. They are made from polycarbonate material, which ensures high quality protection without blocking access to ports and controls.

Screen Protectors. These accessories, like the cases, are a very, very important thing to have. They protect the screen from superficial damage like scratches and unnecessary marks. Having one on a Lumia 920 is vital since the screen size is 4.5 inches – pretty large. After all, who wants to have a smartphone that looked like it was run over by a herd of elephants? One notable brand which makes specifically made screen protectors for the Lumia 920 is BodyGuardz.

Headsets and Earphones. Like all smart phones, Lumia 920 is equipped with an mp3 player. You always see smart phone users with headphones around their heads or earphones stuck to their ears. These accessories have miniature speakers which transform electric energy to the audio (usually music) you're listening to when wearing one.

Bluetooth Car Kits. Basically these accessories give you the ability to access some of your phone's functions (without using your hands!!) like calling, answering calls, and access to information through the use of bluetooth technology while driving. Car kits reduced the number of car accidents caused by phone calls. Notable brands include Blue Ant S4 and Plantronics K100.



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