Whether you call it a Smartphone or a Phablet, we all agree that Samsung Galaxy Note II is not your ordinary mobile phone that could fit in any average jeans pocket. Its 5.5 inches display is a guarantee that your back jeans pocket is no longer enough to carry around this handy device. So, there are portable protections or cases available in the market today that is wise to spend a penny on.

If you love that slim Note 2 while keeping it protected in a case, there are wide variety of options you could choose from. Depending on your interests, you can select from among the colors, materials, whether it is rubber, plastic or leather case and back cover only or that with front cover cases.

The Galaxy Note II cases are essential investments that wouldn’t hurt any pocket while saving you from having to pay damaged phone repair if you drop it.

The Following are The Top Suggested Cover Cases for Galaxy Note II:

Samsung EFC1J9BBEGCAN Protective Cover Note 2 BK

Protective Cover Note 2 BK

This case will help you keep protected. While giving you the ultra-slim and sleek design, it offers you protection from scratches and also from accidental drops. This case also protects the phone against scuffs, while giving you full access to camera, charging slot and volume without having to remove the phone from the case. It also offers simplicity at its best, a perfect case for professionals.

Samsung EFFI950BBEGCA Flip Cover GS4 Black

Flip Cover GS4 Black

This hard case comes with flip cover that is essential to protect the whole phone from damages against drops and falls while protecting the screen from scratches. This also provides access to other phone features such as camera, volume and charging port. Additionally, it also prevents water and dusts from entering.

Otterbox 7724000 Commuter Galaxy Note II Black

Commuter Galaxy Note II Black

This case is made of a durable silicone and polycarbonate shell. This is a tough and slim protective case with smooth finish that allows sliding in and out of the pockets very easily. It also has additional protection against bumps, scratches and shock. It provides access to all phone features, includes self-adhering protective film, durable silicone skin and high-quality polycarbonate outer shell.

Moshi 99MO020930 iVisor AG Galaxy Note 2 Grey

AG Galaxy Note 2 Grey

iVisor series is an advanced protector set that protects your phone’s front screen from everyday wear and tear. This allows installation in seconds without any air bubbles unlike your traditional screen protector. This must be the easiest way of installing screen protector nowadays. This is even washable and replaceable.

Samsung EFC1J9BPEGCAN Protective Cover Note 2 PK

Protective Cover Note 2 PK

If you want your Note II to evoke stylish appeal, this phone cover is sure to give you the ultimatum. This will protect your phone at all costs including scratches, splashes, water damage, bumps and more. This also gives you full access to the camera and other phone features while keeping your phone in premium original design.

The above are some of the collections of Galaxy Note II case. Just pick one according to your desire and enjoy the protection and style you need for your everyday life.



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